Fort Saskatchewan Soccer
Our volunteers make it possible for over 1,100 children to play soccer each year

Outdoor Registration - February  1 to 28  ***  Indoor Registration - July 1 to August 31

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Parent Info

I always wondered why
somebody didn't do something about that.
Then I realized I was somebody.

--Lily Tomlin 

Why did we introduce a volunteer policy? click here

What equipment does my child need for soccer? click here

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Who are the Coaches?

Put simply - you are!   Our coaches are all parent volunteers. Without volunteer coaches and co-coaches we are not able to field teams, no matter how many children are registered. Some of our coaches play soccer or have previous training; others are new to the sport.

Every child deserves a trained coach and we pay for our coaches to take coaching courses. Please refer to the coaches tab to see which CSA/ASA Long Term Player Development Coaching Courses (formerly called NCCP Courses) we are offering this year. 

What Happens During The Season?

Fort Saskatchewan Soccer recognizes that we need to keep improving our communication to players and parents. This year we have a new and greatly improved website, and a new webmaster. Please refer to all the tabs on our website and check back often for new information. 

What You Can Do Behind The Scenes

Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

Fort Saskatchewan Soccer is a volunteer organization. There are many ways to volunteer, each requiring different levels of commitment and participation - some small, some large. See our volunteer tab for more information about volunteering with FSS. Members are also strongly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. 

What You Can Do On The Field

It's easy -- support your child and his/her team. This means positive encouragement for your child, the team and the coach.

For the older leagues, this also means respect for the referees, young and old. The referee, regardless of age, has taken the accredited ASA Referee course, become certified and is trying their best. Remember, that young referee out there is somebody's son or daughter -- the next time you're tempted to criticize a young referee, consider if you would say the same thing to your child.

We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse to referees.

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